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Transitioning Music & Being (Unknown Styles EP)

Thoriso Gomolemo Mputle aka ThoriniQ crafts some warm African tribe roots music from a bedroom in Eastbank Alexandra Township, South Africa. Inhabiting the worlds of dance, jungle sounds, ambient pads, choir stationed wide sounds, conga, bongo drums and string ensembles, it’s the kind of music you imagine was conceived in the most intimate of African environs and then played back with the windows of the jungle open and a breeze coming through.

Thoriso Gomolemo Mputle aka ThoriniQ
Thoriso Gomolemo Mputle aka ThoriniQ

ThoriniQ’s new EP “Unknown Styles ”came out on Thursday via House Mechaniks, Yfedrichworld Entertainment & 1557790 Records DK, and it refines the sounds of his previous album (in 2018).

He debuted on Yfedrichworld in 2019 with the single remix “Rise Above,” a collaboration with Young Federich SA.

Thoriniq music unknown style

Also notable was his cover of the Deep House Fields’ “Camagu,” which appeared on the compilation “Soul 4 Soul: A Tribal & Deep House Feel Introducing Some Soothing Powerful Vocal From Lindokuhle P. Simelane- Patience.”

The new EP is bookended by jungle sounds & deep house articulated tracks, each serving as tribute to a brother he loss Shepherd Malatji, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Unknown Styles is in gratitude and appreciation of Da Capo his role model, his motive was to reintroduce the African tribal music to his scene and catalog.

ThoriniQ admits to various inspirations, ideas and thoughts about his extraordinary EP “Unknown Styles ” (a deep & dance African tempo shift) on each title track, and there’s a lot that was going around.

Thoriso Gomolemo Mputle aka ThoriniQ
Thoriso Gomolemo Mputle aka ThoriniQ Transitioning Music & Being (Unknown Styles EP).

ThoriniQ says during the pandemic his country is facing that he has adapted from new discoveries and Grow, this are his words

“The Corona Virus alone has structured my ways of doing activities even if it’s not me being at it physically but, from the perception of my mental discipline I’ve came to compile music in each form of any sound for one track before I get to the actual workstation!

This is extraordinary and mind blowing. I’ve felt more blessed and have so much in the Unknown Styles EP released. I’ve come to believe that it’s yet to impact lives and leave all the moments of every fruitful idea, emotion, thought and imagination I’ve instilled within the structure of each track.

This alone has made me realize the self discovery of growth from every leaping step I take or journey through.”This alone is Godly ordained and it makes me proud to be sharing my creative with everyone who has their hands on my work and their ears on every little instrument and element used in creating the magic. Music to me is peace, joy, happiness and life.

Yfedrichworld Entertainment
Yfedrichworld Entertainment & 1557790 Records DK.









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