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The Worst Market By Ibraheem Alli

Await, honest traders are coming.

The Worst Market

By Ibraheem Alli

The most annoying, worrisome and distasteful market ever existed is here. The market is an auction site besieged with rebranded contraband products to tame the sweat of the populace. It is the market where expired products are displayed, recycled, repackaged and sold on pretense and her managers exchange seats like their exclusive heritage. I mean a gathering where life claiming jokes are cracked and market for egocentric interest to the detriment of you and I. Ojodu-market

Yes, I am referring to a market where the selected are immune to the policies, rules and regulations enacted for all and sundry. It is a session of preferential treatment in the name of the power that be. It is an assemblage of the country`s foes, liars and looters. Unfortunately, it is a point where the fate of you and I are decided without our endorsed conscience. Such is the characteristic of a circle where the social, religious, economic, educational and cultural trait of the populace are debated and destined. Undoubtedly, it must be the mitochondria and primary determinant of a nation`s survival. Disappointedly, it is the worst market in Nigeria.

Nigeria`s template designed by the nationalists that sweat for the emancipation of the country was all inclusive, jumped all experimental barriers and hindrances. The market was traded by contented patriots who accounted for the dots and commas in their transaction and distribution of our collective resources. The early actors neither blamed the field structure nor the size of the ball for the ill of their performance but instead, contented with the little and sacrificed their natural and artificial belongings for Nigerians. They tailored their interest to the direction of general populace to catapult our dear state (Nigeria) to the committee of developed nation. But were they paid back in their coins? January 15th 1966 was a shocked moment in the political pages of Nigeria. Majority of the nationalists were gruesomely assassinated. It is a market where hope are traded and replaced with pessimistic reasoning. That is a typical market that has fraudulently promoted crooks to the position of authority.

Permit me to introduce a market her traders jostle for permanent seat. The greediness embedded in human blood is a stench to the market, jeopardized the arena such that, no clean one is encouraged to display her goods in the market. Nigeria governance cycle is polluted to discourage a pure heart from participating in the system. It is an assemblage where you trade your integrity for transient interest, where rich heritage/ancestral records are disposed solely because of material life. The warehouse is designed for the few at the regarded cycle while only insignificant section of the masses is privileged to associate. Unfortunately, the few privileged wine and dine in haste to perish in a jiffy. Such is the characteristics of Nigeria political market.

The cleansing of the market requires a resolution of the masses that, through their consents approve the traders who display goods on their behalf at the auction centre. The indirect democracy empowers the masses to place and replace. Since the deciding fate lie in them, I will be glad to exonerate them seeing an enticing political arrangement where money plays no factor before candidates are elected. Nigeria demands are sane political cloth devoid of how rich you are. We must work for competent and not loyalty. That, we earn it with our votes. When masses speak through their thumbs, they are regarded and accorded with needed infrastructures and amenities. Until we graduate from money politics, incompetent individual will continue to trade in the worst market at the disadvantage of you and i.

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