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The Day Of  My Life is Very Stranger by Ali Sana



The Day Of  My Life is Very Stranger.  Today I am very depressed. I did not Understand That what I can do now. I am very frustrated today. My life is fastly down. My Aims & My dreams broke down.
I Saw Lots of   Dreams of My Life.  I thought that  My life will be very beautiful.  I Loved the color of life. When I looked up at the sky then I love the color of the sky. The birds flying in the sky look Very  Awesome. I Love This moment and the beautiful song of the birds, their voice gave me solace. I Loved  All Life Moments. I was a lively person. I Loved Every Things. I Lot Of Love Every Thing.   I always keep smiling.

I Love This eye catching moments

But Passed The time My life Go on difficulty.  Every day I worried.  I weep every time.  My life moves on desire life. My every day is very bad. Then now I never smile. My beautiful life is lost many times.
then this time I always worried. A live person will die to pass the time. Then now I do not love my life and my everyday very depressed.
life is very sad.

Life Is Not the same all of life. It Become change every time.  Sometimes Happiness Sometimes Sorrows