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Tacha tackle President Buhari On Twitter Over COVID19

Tacha replied President Buhari For “Addressing Nigerians On Twitter” Over COVID19

BBNaija star, Tacha has slammed President Buhari over his approach to the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. Tacha replied the President for “addressing Nigerians on social media (Twitter).

She also open up against the unexpected shutdown across the country due to mouthwash virus COVID-19.

In a video Tacha shared on her Instagram page, she said:

“The average Nigerian works on a daily basis and gets paid on a daily basis. We have a lot of Nigerians that do blue collar jobs. If they don’t work in a day, they will not get money in a day and they will not eat in a day, yet we want to have a lockdown. What will people eat?”

“Conductors, mothers that go to the market to sell stuff, what will they eat? When you say people should lockdown and stay home, what will they eat, will they eat themselves? A lot of people depend on daily income. So when you say lockdown, you should also provide food for them. Hunger is deadlier that this virus”