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Ajimobi reportedly loses fight to COVID-19, dead at 70

Ajimobi death

Ex-Oyo senator, Ajimobi purportedly loses fight to COVID-19, bites the dust at 70

The prompt past Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, is purportedly dead.

He was 70.

Senator Abiola, who governed Oyo State from 2011 to 2019, purportedly passed on from coronavirus-related complexities, with which he struggled for around one month.


He was conceded at the First Cardiologist and Cardiovascular Consultants Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos on June 2.

The previous senator is said to have passed on around three hours after the All Progressives Congress (APC) broke up the gathering’s National Working Committee (NWC) which he drove but through Hilliard Eta, who acted in his place.

Ajimobi was selected the APC acting national director following the suspension of the gathering’s meaningful national executive, Adams Oshiomhole, last Tuesday.


A Call For True Democratic System Entrenchment By Ibraheem Alli.

A democracy that encourages plutocracy is questionable. A system that denies the masses access to power is not true democracy. An organized system of the people, by the people but for the few could not be termed democracy. A porous institution where billions meant for all are illegally acquired by very few is not true democracy.

True democracy is meritocracy, even distribution of dividends, equal right without preferential , access to collective wealth, consent in decision making etc

True democracy strengthens security, employment, pension remittance, societal peace and freedom of speech.

In a democratic society, greedy are sent to gallows. Society are run on merit not on personal will. Both the rulers and the governed are aware of resources management. No hiding place for illegal acquisition of collective wealth. No one will dare to aid and albeit such. A corrupt egocentric will rust in prison.


In a true democratic association, her actors hate humiliation and public disgrace. They respect their names and never soil their pedigree. True democratic actors will never adjudge going to prison as an honor. True democrats value their name than their pockets. Continue reading…..


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