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Oluwo: My cloth by Oluwo Of Iwo Kingdom



Oluwo: “I’ve never sold a plot of land and will never sell.

One of the instruments of trading and material belongings of monarchs is the free gift of nature (land). Oba has traditional authority over his domain, including land, though, with restriction. The gift is an asset for material gain. A visionary leading monarchs protect it for surviving and future generation.

Oluwo, Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, in his usual preaching noted his cloth is land. He stated the land is the property of his children which he uses to cover his body. He opined only poverty can make him to sell his cloth (land). And fortunately, if you are a pure monarch leading right, poverty can never nock your door neither will it be your guest.

It is my principle and modulus operandi to protect my peoples property. I have announced that Iwo indigenes must not sell their land. If I notice one, I halt it. They can rather lease for the interest of their children. I urged them to disabuse their mind from irrational reasoning.

Iwo has higher chance of greener appreciation that many cities are disadvantaged of. It is located at a central/strategic point among two other big cities with economic strength. To boost the appreciation of landed property in my domain, we need just two roads. Iwo -Osogbo and Iwo-Ibadan. I’m optimistic land owners joy will know no boundary soon when the roads are fixed.

ALLI Ibraheem, Chief Press Secretary to Oluwo.


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