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Oluwo/Elegushi: Ayanfe Beyond The Stool

Oluwo/Elegushi: Ayanfe Beyond The Stool.

Part I

Blood smells. Its smelling connects. The beloved “AYANFE” could be anyone. When the odour zooms near, the actors become intimated, so loved and interact with no limit. Mostly today, AYANFE are established outside kinship (relation by blood). In Islamic tenets and Hadit, the pious who beliefs in oneness of God and exercise His fear in acts and actions are one’s brother. Though, the world has evolved. Trust has died. The dead trust is resurrecting through the very few. Two people telling each other the truth, checkmating respective weaknesses and manage the relationship on trust and understanding are blood brothers.

Oluwo has many friends but one friend. You are one of his friends but Elegushi is his blood. They are twin brother. Brotherhood is not necessarily by blood but understanding. Your blood may not necessarily be your confidant. The one who share your feelings, celebrates your glory, feels your sorrow are the honorable, genuine friends. Mark them, reciprocate and fraternize.

Fortunately, the two is turning to three. The world will soon know the three musketeers, extending their teachings and mounting a new traditional system devoid of lording.

The above assertion is deep but only for the deep thinkers. Friendship is not the absence of disagreement but the presence of understanding. True friends disagree many times but agree to move on.

This is best demonstrated in the two jolly traditional rulers enjoying their purple’s patch, hopefully for long, In Shaa Allah.

As a new old worker in the palace, I could not vividly elucidate the prologue of where, when and how Telu I and Kuseela III connected but I’m certain it was not an accidental interaction related with the institution they represent. If it were to be stool, there affinity would have been truncated or limited to traditional discourses and discussions. As an aspiring youth, I have friends- both trusted and tricky. Trusted is situational and limited in modern context. One has practically learnt what friends are, the good and the bad. Many heart touching encounters have defined friends before us. But despite, there are still good eggs among.

Within my less than four years relating directly with the ancient crown of Oluwo, I’ve observed keenly and understood much little. Oluwo could be seen as a soloist. He has many friends but infinitesimal confidants. He loves unconditionally and treats people situation-ally but without hiding his feelings. One may begin to ask why he is much talk about. It is because he expresses his mind for or against anyone, irrespective, openly.

My intimate knowledge of his majesty as his mega room has established certain facts. He is a book to be read and studied. So far, I’ve read and studied him. He has many friends but one friend. He is the Elegushi of Ikateland, HRM Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kuseela III, king Gucci.

Occasionally, the two will argue to no conclusion, each going home and sleep with their respective personal opinion but does not in anyway tinder their interaction.

They are power brokers, relate with power to lift their subjects. As a responsible leader, you must know what you want, and fraternize with where and how to get it. They tingle for each other. Comprehend individual weakness and manage it.

Who knows may be the blood smells to connect?



Watch out for part two.


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