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Oluwo Celebrates CEO of Sifax Group, Taiwo Afolabi

Oluwo Celebrates CEO of Sifax Group, Taiwo Afolabi

Birthday: Oluwo Celebrates CEO of Sifax Group, Taiwo Afolabi

Oluwo Celebrates. As you add another year today, I wish you many more years in sound health, joy, happiness and prosperity. No cross shall be too difficult for your to cross. You are greater than your father, your children will be greater than you. As you continue to rise, your generations will not fail.

I call him the all rounder, a business tycoon and an orator. Asides business and oratory prowess, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi is a philanthropist per excellence.

Your life is worthy, priceless and very resourceful. Of uncommon feature of your likes is your calmness, easy going and gentility that get things done silently and appropriately.

God made you and you developed yourself in His ways to serve humanity. As an employer of labours in your multinational companies, you contributed and ensured the national and international economies are not too harsh. You provide both services and goods to the world. Sifax, I’m proud to have you as a friend of note.

Wa pe, wa gbo, wa to.

Once again, happy birthday. Accept the assurances of my best wishes.




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