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Nobody Except Court Injunction Halted Salinsile’s Installation, CPS Oluwo

press cpnference

Otun Oba Oluwo: Nobody Except Court Injunction Halted Salinsile’s Installation, CPS Oluwo.


I read with surprise and disappointment the press conference addressed by Hon. Razaq Salinsile, where, therein, he faulted Oluwo as acting on government instruction to stop his installation as Otun Oba of Iwoland.

Though, it is a general knowledge but should be reiterated that honourary titles as Otun Oba are awarded exclusively by king without governmental consent. Government has no business in such title. Government can neither intervene nor influence in chosen who to honour.

I was perturbed receiving calls and subsequently reading the news of a press conference addressed by Hon. Salinsile, saying Oluwo was compelled by the State Government to deny him the title. He further claimed three commissioners were sent to Oluwo to stop the installation.

The above claims by Hon. Salinsile is off track. There was an interim injunction restraining Oluwo from Installing Salinsile as Otun Oba of Iwoland. In the court order, Oluwo and Salinsile were defendants where, therein, Chief Wahab Sikiru Atanda, alleged Oluwo of duplicating his title.

Wahab Atanda was installed few months ago as Otunba of Iwoland. The immediate past Otun Oba was biological father of Hon. Razaq Salinsile. Honourary titles are not hereditary.


Oluwo, with utmost respect for the judiciary, had to stop the Installation.

Further more, there was no time when any of the state commisioner visited Oluwo on Salinsile’s chieftaincy matter. I see the workaholic machineries of the Governor beyond such pettiness. If there is any contrary claim, we need the audio of where such issue was discussed.

Also, I think every traditional and honourary title holders are installed to assist and protect the crown. Going public to discuss court matter and drag Oluwo is unpatriotic of someone to bestow an honourary title on. The earlier Honourable Salinsile knows this, the better. Any challenge should be thrown to the plaintiff. Oluwo has personally queried Otunba Wahab Atanda on why he should sue him and Honourable Salinsile.

Every honourary title is an exclusive asset of Oluwo to be bestowed on whoever deserves it. Going public to discuss Oluwo asset is questionable. A patriotic son won’t do such. Hon. Salinsile should toe the path of honour.

Alli Ibraheem, CPS to Oluwo



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