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Legalize, Pepper Spray, Stun Gun for Females – Oluwo Tasks Govt

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Protection Against Rape: Legalize, Pepper Spray, Stun Gun for Females – Oluwo Tasks Govt.

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has tasked the federal government under president Muhammed Buhari to legalize the use of stun guns and pepper spray for females as defense items against rape.

Oba Akanbi pointed having stun gun or pepper spray is a temporal protection against rape, calling on Nigerian government to permit females access to the two items as an immediate rescue in the hands of rapists.

Condemning the incessant cases of raping that have permeated our society, Oluwo said there is need for urgent protective measure to curtail the menace.

A statement released by Oluwo’s press secretary, Alli Ibraheem, stated the call becomes necessary to safe females lives who were raped and killed. He hinted the need for federal government to safe more lives through licensed of defence items such as stun gun and pepper spray for the exclusive use of females.

He suggested stun gun and pepper spray could form part of females accessories on their hand bag and purse as defense for unapproved sexual attempts.

“The feedback cases of assault and raping is disturbing and distressing which need serious attention by reliable stakeholders. Apart from constitutional penalty against rapists, I want to charge the government to consider legalization of the use of stun guns and pepper spray by females as protective items against unapproved sexual attempts”

“Many ladies were raped and killed. I’ve strong trust that the items, when approved for females will protect them against such an unjust treatment and return sanctity to our society”

The defense instruments could form part of females’ accessories in their hand bags and purses”

“The spate of re-occurrences is unassuming. It must be checkmated through further constitutional legislations to invite sanity to our society and respect the dignity of Nigerian females”

“Rapists are coward animals and not human. The trauma of their victims is an eternal curse of no remedy. Raped victims are no doubt mentally disturbed and emotionally imbalance. When done with mutual consent and agreement, the two enjoin and enjoy in merriment.

“Raped victims should not be ashamed. Talk about it and you shall be assisted. It is never the end of life. Though, an ugly experience but should be shared overtly or covertly to unravel and penalize offenders and serve as deterrent to others. A problem shared is a problem solved. If shared, many ladies will learn to prevent similar experience while the likes of perpetrators are warned against such”

Even, a responsible husband and wife seek each others consent before engaging in sex. No lady deserves to be forced for sex. Sex is a dignity and should be respected through mutual consent by both gender.

Nigerian government should enforce penalty against rapists. Legislators can come up with stricter legislation to protect the pride of Nigerian females and approve the use of defence items. Doing such will speak sense to greedy sexual men and restore normalcy”

Oluwo enjoined Nigerians to respect each other’s dignity and toe the path of honor on mutual agreement on sexual intercourse.


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