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Israel to coordinate with UAE to battle COVID-19

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel to coordinate with United Arab Emirate to battle COVID-19.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared on Thursday that his nation will help out the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the battle against the novel coronavirus.

This came because of serious contacts between the two nations in the ongoing months, Netanyahu said in an announcement.

This collaboration, which will improve the well-being security of the whole area, will be done in the fields of exploration, advancement and innovation, the announcement included.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The UAE doesn’t have formal political relations with Israel, notwithstanding various reports of undefined contacts between the two nations.

During 2018 around October, the United Arab Emirate consultant, in various occasion, permitted to Israeli challengers to take part in the International Judo Federation Grand Slam competition in Abu Dhabi.

In August 2019, Israeli paper Haaretz announced that the UAE has arrived at an arrangement worth nearly $3 billion with Israel to flexibly propelled knowledge abilities, including two government operative planes, to the Gulf state.

In June, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said on Twitter that “proceeded with Israeli talk of attaching Palestinian grounds must stop.”


A Call For True Democratic System Entrenchment By Ibraheem Alli.

A democracy that encourages plutocracy is questionable. A system that denies the masses access to power is not true democracy. An organized system of the people, by the people but for the few could not be termed democracy. A porous institution where billions meant for all are illegally acquired by very few is not true democracy.

True democracy is meritocracy, even distribution of dividends, equal right without preferential , access to collective wealth, consent in decision making etc

True democracy strengthens security, employment, pension remittance, societal peace and freedom of speech.

In a democratic society, greedy are sent to gallows. Society are run on merit not on personal will. Both the rulers and the governed are aware of resources management. No hiding place  Continue reading….