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InksNation Update on EXCO’S meeting about NIN


Update on today EXCO’S meeting.

Pinkoin: From August 12, there will be 2 option on withdrawal charges.

1. If you are bringing your withdrawal charges in cash to exchanger, you will pay 30%.

2. If you want exchanger to deduct the charges from the money you want to withdraw then you pay 40%.

Start wooing merchants to accept pinkoin for their goods, because all merchant would be able to change their pinkoin to cash directly from InksNation without paying any charges also with some benefit.

For instance, if you are selling cloth of 10k and you want to accept pinkoin, after collecting pinkoin worth 10k, you will be able to exchange it to #10k directly from InksNation.

Also exchangers can not be merchant and merchant can’t be exchanger.

KYC in collaboration with NIN has not been finalized, we are looking at the money involved if it’s acceptable by NIN.

We already have green light on it by Tuesday NIN should be able to give us their stands and go ahead or we go back to our initial KYC plans.

So be patient dg of nin is involved we need to wait for their final decision.

One United Global Family.


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