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InksNation News: When Banking Dies, What Next?

living nodes

When Banking Dies, What Next?—

Living Nodes.

“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power of money should be taken away from the banks and given to the people to whom it rightfully belongs.”

Thomas Jefferson, the Third President of the United States.


Before the rise of state-controlled money, cash was what people accepted. If they accepted salt, then salt it was; if cowry, then that it was; if gold then gold it was. No state dared controlled money, and money worked better.


According to a study of 775 fiat currencies, about 620 eventually went back to zero. This is largely why some societies, are outrageously richer than others. And even within “rich societies”, it’s largely why some are dealt the wrong hand financially. While there are several crucial flaws in our monetary systems responsible for these failures.

There are, however, much credit to be given to this system. As a matter of fact, the idea of central banking began as a life-saving attempt by the US Congress, to salvage the American banking industry, which was at the brink of collapse at the time. That act was a success which has now become a global practice. Also, thanks to commercial banks, there has been no time in history, where you can easily get a loan as you can today.


However our concern here is not the annihilation of banks, rather we know that the macro-economic policies and models used to regulate the current financial market has become outdated to today’s complex financial landscape. Hence, we are proposing a new economic model,to bring us out of a debt based economy, which facilitates poverty and inequality in wealth distribution. As a result,this will launch us into a strategic global abundance economy of equitable wealth distribution.

With the InksLedger Proof of Love (PoL) protocol built using the blockchain, we are building an economic model that will benefit the state the banks and most of all the people.Also this tech will serve as Insurance and Re-Insurance from today’s risky capital market.


If you are aware of how money works, and then you know there is enough wealth forall of humanity to live as royalty. This awareness is what fuels our passion… and binds us together at InksNation. The liberating truth that money can and should be democratized is what drives our, over 220, 000, user community.


If you understand the mechanics of money creation and currency printing, then you will very well agree with us on the need for the democratization of money. The idea of government-controlled money has become more flawed and outdated than it was in the days of Thomas Jefferson, yet most of us can’t seem to see this damage, or even think of a better money alternative which is not controlled by the government, banks or the wealthy.


The Inks Mindset.

In his famous 1974 research publication, “The Denationalization of Money” Nobel Laureate winner, economist, Professor F. A. Hayek’s suggest that

“currencies will do better as stores of value and wealth will be evenly distributed if the monopoly of money was taken from the state.”


With the total collapse of 620 national currencies, any informed student of financial history will not agree less about the need for the democratization of money creation.

This is why we are building the World’s First Reserve Cryptocurrency backed by Human Asset, which is the most valuable and indispensable but long ignored asset on earth. This Makes Pinkoin the World’s Best Store of Value, under a One United Global Family ideology, independent of single-point control systems.



Democratizing Money Through the Blockchain.

Before now, ideals like ours, were at best, locked in the pages of economics research papers. Fortunately, with the invention of value creation on a decentralized blockchain network, we have now built an economic model on the internet, for a P2P network hosted on the Inks Private Ledger.

Very importantly, we now know that it is possible to run an economic system which creates and shares wealth fairly across the network. With no need for debt instruments that profits only the banks the rich and the government.

With the InksLedger, we now have money created for the people, backed by the people and valued by the people. As a One United Global Family monetary system.



InksNation An Economy, Of, By and, For the people.

The InksNation dream is the emancipation of humanity from poverty by creating a system for equitable wealth distribution, through the democratization of money, as Pinkoin. Pinkoin the World’s First Reserve Cryptocurrency is the native asset of InksNation.

In other words, it is the only accepted Legal Tender on all InksNation’s platform. Pinkoin has a democratic economic model, and its coin creation protocol is Proof of Love (PoL).In essence You are all rewarded by the Pinkoin creation protocol for showing love on the platform.

Here is defined by contributing your computational power towards the growth of the network and the betterment of those involved. As a result, everyone benefits when Pinkoins are minted/created.


How Big we are?

With an average daily registration of 8,000+ Living Nodes, we already have a growing network of over 230,000+ financially dedicated, living nodes, distributed across the globe.

By the way, Living Nodes are the human assets of InksNation which is basically you and everyone of us, contributing our computing powers to strengthen this e-Nation while promoting love, unity, peace and oneness.



The Inks Culture.

Beyond the blockchain, what binds us together is our One United Global Family Ideology.

While this may sound too good to be true, if you check through history, all the best progress we ever made as a specie is on the ground of love and unity.

Whether it’s on the fight against pandemics like Polio or the present Covid-19 fight. We believe that the world can be heaven on earth by promoting global peace, unity, love and equitable distribution of wealth among-st all of humanity, using InksLedger distributed network and its wealth creation model.This is why InksLedger rewards you through its PoL protocol. In other words, You get higher rewards for showing love, by hosting others on your InksNode Server.



Earn up to $300,000 Monthly For Life By Showing Love.

The greatest asset on the Inks ecosystem are its human Assets or Living Nodes. However, for these nodes to function properly, extra computational volunteers are needed, in the form of InksNode Servers.

These Servers provides extra computational capacity to support the network for other Living Nodes.This is why the system is deliberately designed to reward You the most for setting up an InksNode Server.

For Instance, you can get up to $300,000 worth of PKNmonthly for life, just for running an InksNode Sharks Server Package which is worth a one time $3 million purchase. Imagine running the server for 1 year, that will be $3.6 million or ₦100 Million worth of PKN every year for life plus ₦100 Billion worth of PKN in Reserve.


An InksNode server is a state of the art super computing device designed specifically for storing and distributing huge chunks of data across the Inks ecosystem, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

As a result the computers used are very expensive to manufacture and manage.This is why these packages are reserved for high income individuals like celebrities, politicians, companies, banks, religious leaders and the wealthy.Also, each package is defined by the capacity of nodes your server can host. As a result, the network rewards you based on the living nodes your server can host.

This rewards, is controlled by the network’s Proof of love Protocol. Hence you are rewarded for showing love by hosting other Living Nodes.

InksNation First Package

InksNation Second Package

InksNation Third Package

InksNation Forth Package

Examples of InksNode.

Example 1, [COVID 19 RELIEF FUNDS]

A Celebrity like Davido can purchase the Dolphin Package as a COVID 19 Relief Fund for his fans, he would be provided a custom link (eg with his picture displayed on it and a signup page underneath.The first 4 Million fans to register will get the Living Node Bronze Package free upon sign up.

Now this means that Davido just secured a future forever for his 4 Million fans because the InksNode Sharks Package will pay all 4 million fans $11 (₦4,000) Daily for life.



The Nigerian Labour Congress or Nigerian Government can purchase the Sharks Package for all Civil Servant, they get a custom link online or offline which comes with a signup page. The 40 Million civil servants that will be enrolled gets paid for life without the government spending anything again and this also comes with 100 Pinkoin ATMs. So they purchase it as a Salary for Life Package which would serve as Salary and Pension all together paying 40 Million CiVil Servants $11 (₦4,000) Daily for life.

All Examples comes with a Customized logo of your business on our PinKard (blockchain QR Debit Card) which works with our Pinkoin ATM Machines.



A Bank like ACCESS BANK can purchase the Sunfish Package as a (BAILOUT FUND) for all her staffs, Their 400,000 Staffs will get the this as a Bailout Fund for the Banks so that even if they have to lay off staffs based on the need for digitization the staffs will still have their $11 (₦4000) Daily or $345 (₦120,000) Monthly for life.



The US Government can purchase the Whales Package for all their citizens as a Stimulus Package. This means that 400 Million Citizens will be paid $11 (₦4000) Daily or $345 (₦120,000) Monthly for life without any Deficit Spending or accumulation of Debt.All Examples comes with a Customized logo of your business on our PinKard (QR Debit Card) which works with our Pinkoin ATM Machines.

Inksnode bearer and Member of global trustee


Other Benefits of an InksNode.

A Politician, Governor, Celebrity, Church Leader, NGO, Bank can run an InksNode for his Local Governments, States, Country, Church Members, Fans as beneficiaries, meaning that his/her InksNode will end up paying all beneficiaries a minimum of N4,000 ($11) daily for life. So,set up an InksNode Server Today, and prove to your followers that you love them.

By the way, we have on average 8,000+ new living nodes each-day, So you don’t want to miss another day if you want to be an InksNode Bearer in your region, or country.

To learn more about the InksNode setup,

Please WhatsApp us on our Canada Hotline+1-647-493-6439.

To Book a Zoom Meeting Or Send us an email @


Two Main Categories of InksNodes.

1. Universal Reserve InksNodes [Only 14].

These comprises of the first 14 Central Banks to completely embrace our proposal for upgrades to the new Distributed Reserve Cashless Banking (DRCB) Module which makes the first country the Universal Headquarters of all 14 Universal Reserve InksNodes and also makes them decision makers in matters that concerns the future of the world.The DRCB Module as explained in the Whitepaper acts also as a Weak Currency Bailout. Eg:- The Naira can gain its strength to like $1 : ₦1 with our Secondary CMA halving protocol.

Terms & Conditions Applies.


2. Federated Reserve InksNodes [As Many as Possible].

This is open to the general public as the main content of this InksNode Pitch Deck is focused on this. Banks, Politicians, Celebrities, Religious Leaders, Companies and Wealthy Individuals.

All Examples comes with a Customized logo of your business on our PinKard (QR Debit Card) which works with our Pinkoin ATM Machines.


Setting up an InksNode.

Every InksNode is a supercomputer server/VPS, which contributes computational power and storage to the InksLedger. The iBSmartify Cloud Computing Service Team takes care of all the setup and maintenance.

❖ iBSmartify Cloud Service:This is by far the easiest, the setup and maintenance task shifts to the iBSmartify Cloud Service Team.

The setup and maintenance task shifts to the iBSmartify cloud service (PinkHost). All you need do is supervise the registration of new living nodes from your region and earn on autopilot for life.

Finally, there is on average 2000+ new living nodes each day, So you don’t want to miss another day if you have plans of being the leading your region.

Hurry and be the first InksNode Bearer in your region today.

To learn more about the InksNode setup, Please WhatsApp us on our Canada Hotline

+1-647-493-6439To Book a Zoom Meeting Or Send us an email @


The InksLedger.

InksNation is the World’s First Charitable Trust, which exists as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This trust helps us create the World’s First Philanthropic Blockchain, the InksLedger, which is a blockchain for Human and Non Human Asset Development. We are certain that any nation can come out of poverty in less than 9 months, following the InksNation digital economic model.More precisely, we are providing the tech infrastructure, which will allow individuals to:

❖Become the Government

❖Create their own wealth and also

❖Transform their society.


The Inks Infrastructure.

With all the promises being made, you must be wondering how all the funds will be generated. At the moment, the ecosystem has 4 monumental use case that powers its economy and its assets; these are:

Pink Host: iBSmartify’s Cloud Computing Service

iBSmartify Housing for all

iBSmartify Drone Delivery

iBSmartify e-Learning: Digital Education for all

PinKoin ATM Machines: Currently under design test.


And lots more.



InksLedger and the Future of Assetization.

Beyond its four major direct use cases, the InksLedger Blockchain will serve as an Insurance, Reinsurance and Reserve Asset for Countries, States, Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Companies, Individuals, Properties and all forms of assets anything including all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, at inksnation we call this Assetization or Advanced Insurance.


Why you need to get in NOW.

We have on Average 8,000+ Living Nodes registration everyday,ranging from civil service workers to top political leaders. At this rate, our network growth stats reveals that there is likely going to be a living Node in your state in less than two months, that might as well be you.

Hurry now! and be the first InksNode in your region today.

To learn more about the InksNode setup,

Please WhatsApp us on our Canada Hotline

+1-647-493-6439To Book a Zoom Meeting Or Send us an email @


Thanks for reading from Freeonemedia.

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