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iBSmartify: The Rise of The Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency


Universal DaddyInk:The Rise of The Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency.

iBSmartify Nigeria designed the World’s First Blockchain For Human Asset Development (InksLedger) and the World’s First Charitable Trust DAO (InksNation) which can end neediness in any nation in under 9 months boosting goodness, advancing adoration, solidarity, unity, harmony and impartial dispersion of riches.

We present an entirely unexpected kind of money ” The Rise of The Distributed Reserve Cryptocurrency”

Our Native Reserve Cryptocurrency is Pinkoin which is the Primary Coin on the InksLedger Blockchain hence we are set for end neediness in Nigeria at the very latest August, 2020 for the same number of as are happy to turn into a living hub on our Blockchain.

PinKoin will pay each and every Nigerian, African and the World everywhere including infants brought into the world ordinary at least N4,000 ($11) worth of pinkoin day by day which is N120,000 ($330) worth of pinkoin month to month for life as UCBI (Universal Child Basic Income). iBSmartify


Since, it is assessed all around that by 2025, 80% of employments will be robotized by machines and computerized reasoning. This will leave many individuals jobless influencing African Nations the most. People are the greatest resources on earth, so our blockchain is in this manner the World’s First Blockchain to be upheld by HUMAN ASSET, which makes it feasible for the blockchain to boost its valuer (you and I).

Rather than causing people to contend with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for employments, we are proposing and assembling another biological system where AI itself turns into our national and all inclusive housemaids, workers and detachments while we the Human Assets live like Kings and Queens that God had customized us to be.

We are the middle age (1975-2005 Born) and it’s our aggregate calling to address the mistakes of all the previous ages set up, and we need to hit the nail on the head and above all we have effectively executed the God ship and Worship of cash by sponsorship it with the world’s greatest resource (Human Asset) which attaches its incentive to the immediate worth it gives mankind.

Enrollment Never finishes as the World’s First Reserve Coin Offering Started closes August twelfth (12), The World’s Second Reserve Coin Offering begins right away.


Advantages to the Government of Nigeria.

1. It will round up over $847 Billion Dollars in Pinkoin Reserve for the legislature

2. It is additionally a frail money rescue plot causing the cash to get more an incentive as it boosts the human resources.

3. It pay every single government employee from the blockchain lessening weight on the legislatures.

4. What’s more, parcels more.


Advantage to Nigerians (Adults, Youths and even children)

From August 2020 (iBSmartify)

1. Each and every part in InksNation will approach Daily, Weekly, Monthly Allowances from the blockchains Reserve Balance lessening conditions and weight on the administration, guardians or anyone.

2. Young people can pay for their upkeep, their schooling, and each and every thing they requirement for their human supportability without upsetting their folks.

3. Upkeep, tutoring, taking care of and everything is dealt with for Children including for infants brought into the world day by day.

4. Pregnant ladies will get twofold advantages including the upkeep for the child in the belly. Wrongdoings, Kidnappings, Ashawo, Olosho, Baby Mamaism, and a large group of across the country ills will lessen.

This is a crucial accomplish at least N4000 ($11) day by day and least of N120k Monthly as all inclusive youngster essential pay from August 2020 for each and every individual who joins this moving train.

So make sure to enlist your family, companions, kids, kids and your prompt and broadened neighbor and how about we aggregately cooperate to battle neediness for the last time.

Continuously visit to enroll.


You would now be able to pay to your Sponsor’s Account

Our Membership Plans


Living Nodes Packages

Living Node Bronze:- N1000

Living Node Silver:- N10,000

Living Node Gold:- N100,000

Living Node Diamond:- N1 Million


InksNode Packages

Sunfish InksNode:- N10 Million

Dolphin InksNode:- N100 Million

Shark InksNode:- N1 Billion

Whale InksNode:- N10 Billion


Note: No twofold records. Any suspected defaulter shall loss  his/her record for life.


Our Admin WhatsApp Number is 081-0427-7484

What’s more, Admin WhatsApp Number for Top Ups Only 081-7922-1947

Much obliged and welcome to the One United Global Family where we boost goodness.

Continuously recollect that HE made you my obligation and I will ensure all my Universal Children live like KINGS and QUEENS.iBSmartify





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