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How Oluwo is re-defining the stool By Alli Ibraheem


How Oluwo is re-defining the stool.

By ALLI Ibraheem

Associating and acknowledging monarch is not an unprecedented debate. And leadership is much appreciated in action not in oral discourse. For you to be called controversial in Nigeria is a pointer, even to the blind and a bell to the deaf. Monarchs’ beliefs in God and gods. But Telu, the representative of Oodua, a first class paramount ruler, His Imperial Majesty, Oluwo of Iwoland, Oab (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi bowed to none of the gods. One of the leading reasons he is taggedd controversial. His humility is unequalled. Appreciating those features in monarchy has earned Oluwo numerous awards as the best king of the year by various bodies, both government and Non-Governmental agencies. Oluwo was credited in challenging the retrogressive status quo mostly preaching against idolatry and healing the wounds of his subjects.

Oluwo is the paramount ruler of Iwoland with a difference in the administration of the crown. He defined the stool as position of serving, nothing else. In his popular word, he said “ A good leader lead to serve his subjects and after, the led will give what is due to such leader in return provided he had served them very well”.

“Seeing smile on the people`s faces is what gives me joy. Taking care of the present so they can be better through healthcare, food and infrastructures is my target as a traditional ruler. I worship God through service to humanity and that is my utmost priority, my own private jet, my maybach and all luxuries of Life” Oluwo.

The primary duty of a competent leader, call it traditional, religious or political, is enveloped in breeding the air of hope, the means of surviving, leveling without prejudice particularly the neglected scavengers subjected to no or little means of income. The Holy books, Quran and Bible explicitly narrated the attributes expected of a leader. And many of the past highlighted religious leaders who we presumed to be perfect role model of any performing front horses are undoubtedly deserve our encomium of merit. I t is of note to acknowledge if there exists replicate of such monarch in a soloist higher abject society like ours (Nigeria). When you see any monarch registering his wealth for the poor, note him, he is not an ordinary man but a servant. Here comes one of them, father figure, the first class paramount ruler, Oluwo of Iwo. The best of you should embrace and promote his intention for a greener morrow.

Oluwo of Iwoland, His Imperial Majesty (HIM), Oba (Dr. ) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I, in his magnanimity less expected of a traditional ruler initiated a free feeding tagged Oluwo Food and clothing Bank for the vulnerable: orphans, have not, less privilege and the scavengers in Iwo, his immediate domain. The succor (feeding) was designed to identify with the poor to feel belong as one of the future asset of our society. Most times, they are marginalized and loathe as an insignificant segment of the society. Worst more, they are restricted from social gatherings and discussions, look upon as inferiors with no respect attach to their presence. Oluwo felt bashed and thought of how they can be reconnected to the society.

He propagated food bank wherein nutritious meals are made three times every week under the supervision of a qualified personnel who inspect and monitor the content of the meal before its external distribution. The meal is served every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week.

Full of passion for his children, Oluwo frequently mingle with them, have handshake, jolly talks, offers advice and pray for their survival to become governors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, doctors, professors and many more. In one of his address to those children, Oluwo was quoted saying:

“You are the best I am afraid of. Why? Some look down on you as nothing, but we have among you a first class asset that will hold the destiny of this land into their hands in the nearest future. If I say tomorrow, I am referring to you and it shall be well with you. Had it been some of my prosperous sons benefitted such when they were young, who knows may be they would have been more patriotic”? Oluwo.

His eyes see the best, his leg purifies the route, and his mouth is commandment while his actions are progress. Oluwo food bank, apart from identifying himself with the less privilege, also reduced the rate of pilfering among the teen and under teen. The assemblage of those children turns to counseling school wherein the monarch ignites their hope.

In one of OLUWO’s interview with journalists, Akanbi was quoted as saying “I love my town than my family. Oluwo of Iwoland, HRM Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I has described Iwo as a virile city of great impact, saying he loves the people of the community more than himself. The monarch disclosed his loyalty to Iwo and Nigeria in general as incontestable, pointing his service to his people has cost him to leave his new baby and family in Canada for long.

Oluwo said he ought to have visited his family in Canada and facilitate external investors but was halted because of his dare need to put smile in his immediate peoples` faces through his service to humanity. He disclosed the situation of Iwo requires short-term means best achieved by sweeping our house from inside. The monarch disclosed he need no visa to travel to anywhere in the world but sees no sense in frequently jetting out of Nigeria when his people are suffering.

Oba Akanbi pointed his compassionate programmes ranging from Oluwo Food Bank designed to give free meals to the less privileged three days a week and others continue despite his absence, affirmed all arrangements were concluded before his departure.

“Oluwo is a worthy father. He loves the people of Iwo and Nigerians as whole. My love and service to my people has been postponing my travelling. I can`t just live my people like that. That is why before I travelled, I made provision for everything needed so that the people I feed will not suffer before my return. I love Iwolites more than myself and my children”.

“I don’t need visa to travel to any part of the world but my patriotic zeal to Iwoland, seeing smile in my peoples` faces is my utmost joy postponing my journey for long. You don’t sweep your house from outside, you sweep from inside. I must take care of my people before any trip”

Oluwo influenced his recent visit to Canada for prominent reasons covering facilitation of investors, initiated the installation of Yoruba monarch in Canada, established the reckoning of Iwo to the outside world and many others.

“My coming to Canada is not only to reunite with family but also to facilitate investors that will establish companies in Iwo. And it is yielding. I just left a meeting with some Chinese investors in Canada here and it is fruitful. Iwo will be great soon. There is silver-lining of hope in the sky. I will urge my people to stop selling land for peanut but instead lease because those lands will appreciate unimaginably when the companies come”

Promoting the economic prowess of Iwo through noticeable roads,Oba Akanbi tenaciously led and successfully completed the rehabilitation of a state road, Iwo-Osogbo road. The road is a state abandoned route for years linking the mega city, Iwo with the state capital, Osogbo. Oluwo, in support of few people financed and supervised the upgraded of the Iwo -Osogbo. This, in essence has led to the abandonment of the snaky alternative road to the state capital. Today, the route is a blessing to Nigerians and in essence, lubricate the commercial relationship of Iwo with other cities.

Oba Akanbi in collaboration with Canadian associate distributed laptops to two universities – a private university, Bowen University, Iwo and Osun State University, Osogbo.

Handling the laptops to the Vice-Chancellor of one of the two benefiting universities, Bowen University, Prof. M.A Ojo, Oluwo described digital education in modern era as necessary, calling on stakeholders to uphold students in whatever capacity to make our society a better place for all and sundry in the near future.

50 laptops each making the total of 100 laptops were donated to the two universities. Oluwo admonished the authorities of the two citadels of learning to maintain the learning aid, assured his royal support for the managements of the institutions,

He commended Aregbesola for his huge investment in education, beseeching stakeholders and complement government`s move to make education a must and not an option for the teaming Nigerians.

Education is a must and not an option. Our duty as a traditional ruler is not complete without touching education. The life wire of every developed country is education. Quality education will pave way for quality job while investments and companies are product of quality education/lucrative jobs.

“My donation of 100 laptops is just the tips of the iceberg. I am just coming. Had it been people know the future is in classroom, they would have invested the lion share of their asset in education. I am taking the lead as traditional ruler and hopeful it will challenge the stakeholders to do more”

Oluwo empowerment is inclusive. The monarch has launched many empowerment schemes such as Telu empowerment scheme specializing in training unemployed youth in various crafts. He equally partnered with Simba Group to train women in TVS cab driving.

Oba Akanbi is a trail blazer in associating with children. It was established that the monarch has launched an annual programme tagged “Oluwo Children Day” wherein sporting and academic competitions hold among the secondary and primary schools students of Iwo Federal Constituency covering the trio local governments of Iwo , Ayedire and Ola Oluwa, Osun State, Nigeria. Today 27th Day of May, 2017, more than 3,000 students gathered here for sporting activities wherein the winners of the pre-grand finale quiz competitions are compensated with prizes and awards.

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