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My love for history and tradition endears me to monarchy. I’ve deficiency for not been a natural prince but an adopted one. In my early years, my peers and feared tales about monarchy such that, many of my age were not encouraged to be close or closer to the crown. The obtainable then was, palaces are associated with fetish and rituals. We had the phobia our destiny may be negatively influenced by the spirit in the palace. We hoped you were neither safe nor protected from spirit attached to the palace. None of my peers see kings as Christians or Muslims but as idol worshippers who use his subjects for rituals.

In few years to my 30, I was opportune to interact with a prince through a socio elite forum, Iwoland Development Coalition (IDF) under the watch of Mr. Adisa Kabiru Kulukulu (FCA). The prince was a functional member of the group despite his sojourn in Canada. He would come home, joined the community services of the group while he executed some projects independently. He fixed the damaged bridge then in front of the palace of Oluwo.
The prince contested the stool and won to become the Paramount Ruler of Iwoland. Many could not predict his style owing to his long stay in diaspora.

Building a new system is a function of renewed ideas. His first self assigned role was to differentiate between Yoruba culture and traditional religion. He went the way of Oduduwa who has no trace of bowing to gods. Oduduwa’s reign preceded all gods. When did Yorubas stopped becoming gods? The target was to entrench pure traditional system devoid of fetish objects and endear the stool to young ones. Today, Oluwo is popularly accepted as a digital king by the youth. This singular factor, of all, ENDEARS me most to working with him till date. I mean the hope and trust in only one God.

The most of his digital assets and teachings is mental empowerment- to be bold, courageous and affirmative. He opined the need to trust one’s belief, irrespective. He markets self confidence as a promotional asset to reach the peak of one’s aspiration. Today, countless if his subjects are bold to challenge the old orders and claim their rights. This contributed in no small ways to the many federal establishments facilitated to the marginalized ancient Iwo. Iwo has Soro Soke.

He furthered designed a new traditional garment (cloth) made of our local ofi. He came up with a digital design stylishly embroidered to speaks to the psyche and ENDEARS even the none blue blood to monarchy. Today, his style has been adopted by many monarchs. Higher percent are enticed to kingship. He enjoys the trust of many for his ostentatious in the world of fashion.

Equally, Oluwo sustains the principle of building his city for future strength. He eschews land sales. No single plot of land sold since his enthronement but encouraged his subjects to lease, instead. Not many king will publicly pronounce and boost of such sacrificial decision at this age when kings are financially incapacitated. This is not only digital idea but also visionary.

More so, Oluwo will not appear without a peculiar dresses. He is always the cynosure of all eyes. His ascension brought new glittering crowns to the traditional institution. He loves moving forward. After the new crown was embraced, he changed the style. Just feed weeks, Oluwo appeared at an August occassion with a new design that spoke to the phsyce.

Oluwo, with his digital ideas has pioneered many things that shall be discussed in subsequent article.

Alli Ibraheem, CPS to Oluwo