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Healing Process Begins Next Week, Oluwo Insists

Oluwo deliver relief materials

Covid-19: Healing Process Begins Next Week, Oluwo Insists

– Calls for Repentance

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has said Corona virus will soon be an history, insisting the deadly infection will naturally be castrated next week.

He described the pandemic as a strong warning of God’s supremacy above everything, saying it is one without medication unless the Creator forgives human sins.

Oba Akanbi tasked the world to repent holistically on inhuman conducts against natural laws and turn a new leaf in the collective interest of the entire race.

It could be recalled that Oluwo had earlier released a video supplicating against the spread of the virus with 16 days ultimatum supposed to lapse 9th of this month.

Oluwo, recounting the sins against humanity such as beastiality, gay legalization, corruption, idolatry, ritual killings, arbitrary use of power, cheating, war monger, extortion, exploitation and so on are put together to try the world.

He described the virus as one of the punitive measures of God, affirming the permanent solution to the trial is total resign to the will and ways of God.

Oluwo named the corona virus challenge as warning to the said world powers and a lesson to learn that equality is before God as against human claim.

He said no amount of human sin could put God to the limit but urge the world to be modest and respect natural laws stated in Holy Books.

He challenged the world leaders to reframe their working constitution to give natural law a breathing space.

“Our sins cannot put God to limit. The chicken has come home to roast. The world have contradicted and thought they can act against natural law with impunity. Just one of the punitive measures from God, we are humbled”

“We should all repent , resign and respect the natural dictates of God. With this, the healing process of Covid-19 will begin by next week, precisely 9th April, 2020.
When God (Olodumare) forgives this and you continue in your sins, He may bring another worst hardship, may He forbids”

“No natural law will ask human to sleep with animals (beastiality) or permit people of the same sex (homosexual), no natural law will ask you to kill other human or declare war claiming thousands of lives because you are at advantage, no law permits cheating, extortion, corruption, exploitation, maltreatment etc. No one except God has the monopolistic power. Ascribing natural power and making indiscriminate law to challenge natural law is synonymous with arrogating natural power to one self. No one does that and go Scot free. Let the world repent and seek for forgiveness. Then, by next week, precisely 9th April, 2020, healing process will begin. The world will start to have peace, the tension will slow down and we will breath the air of survival and hope of more lives”

“The so called world powers cheating other nations should be warned, the war mongers who believe in weapons should be ashamed by now. The ones that called themselves powerful are shivering Countries promoting illegalities against natural laws such as homosexuality, beastiality and other inhuman conducts should halt for the collective interest of the world. Every status in life is just an opportunity, God is beyond human wisdom. Let us respect the human on us and moderately device privileged machineries with the fear of God. We are not wise, we are only privileged”

“If God places you in position of power, He is just using you. He can use people lesser than you today, God has made many countries that think they are wise by their own power to run for cover. Presidents prime ministers, kings rich. The less privileged are even at peace”

He disclosed the last time such a shocking pandemic strike was the time of Moses as he advised the entire world populace to be humbled and respect natural dictates.

He charged the world leaders to call a meeting after this and humble themselves before God and effect amendments to their ways that put the less privileged of the world at a disadvantage.

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