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Happy Canada Day to all Canadians – Oluwo

happy canada day

Happy Canada Day to all Canadians.

Happy Canada Day: Growing up in my country of birth, I ran away from Nigeria whose leaders during that time only teach their children and citizens on how to steal and loot the wealth of the land by depriving them of all infrastructural growth.

To all Nigerians living abroad chased away by corrupt Governments, please come back home, your new leaders are not stealing and looting your wealth anymore.

I know most of you that indulge in criminal activities overseas are not bastards cos you were taught in the first place by your father’s and leaders but you should stop your criminal activities now because you have new fathers and leaders who are teaching you about honesty and how to be upright.

Don’t be bastards to your new found fathers, its a time of rebirth.

To Canada a country that truly loves her own people, I love you Canada !! You sheltered me, showed me love and taught me about leadership when my own country leaders decides to steal, loot and plundered the common wealth of her people ! You, Canada sheltered me, showed me love and even gave me another life by making me one of yours ! I am now back to serve my own birth land with productive Government that truly loves his people.

Oh Canada , I have taken the mantle of leadership through Royalty as a king to the Great kingdom of Iwo, I’m now applying the values learnt from you to serve my own land and the pilot (President Muhammadu Buhari) of our Nation does not steals, abhors corruption and also reach out to the marginalized communities in Nigeria which my kingdom that happened to have been marginalized in Federal and state infrastructure since 1960 of Nigeria independence. Today, we have been recognized during my reign.

I have a Federal College of Education situated in my beautiful Iwo, myself have used those values taught in the great leaders of Canada to add value and develop my land in the best way I can, making it one of the best fastest growing cities in Nigeria and with those values learnt from Canada…. Iwo will be competing with Canada one day because “I HAVE A DREAM” !!!!

Thank you Canada my Great adopted home. Happy Canada Day !

Emperor Telu1

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