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Happy birthday to Oluwo- Pulling And Pushing A Pillar @ 53

birthday cake for a king

Happy birthday to Oluwo- Pulling And Pushing A Pillar @ 53.

Happy birthday to Oluwo, As the pushers are getting tired, the pushed is getting stronger.

If it is prayer, a king doesn’t need it. Should a king be praying for promotion? To be what again? Should a king be praying against attack? No. Who should be attacked spiritually if not king? At least, few may be pleased but many of his contenders against the sacred stool will not. They are posed to seek spiritual redress beyond reasonable means. Protection for kings are natural. As such, one must choose his battle wisely with a king.

Pulling and pushing a king, in my own little assessment of what crown and throne are, is synonymous with questioning HE who enthroned him. Unlike an ephemeral positions, kingship is a perennial status designed for the chosen one (Eni Ori Sa).

This assertion has taught me to be vigilant and painstaking in managing my privileged relationship with the crown. Kings are different creature. The day a king is enthroned, everything about him changes. He is no more human. He becomes an extra creature. This is where many fall out with a king because their impression and expectation will never be met.

Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I, is an embodiment of knowledge, socially alert and mentally loaded. My knowledge of you is filled with astonishing rareness, smartness and a goal setter. He knows what he wants and where to get. That is a leader for you.

I’ve the hope in your leadership strength as the wavering clouds are getting clearer. The accompanied controversies are strength to prepare. For the first five years after enthronement are always challenging. You have weather the storm.

As I love to continue writing, I’m restrained by the laziness of few readers To this end,for now, I say, we shall continue to know your reign for more productive achievements that many generations will count on and speak of.

Your imperial majesty sir, accept the assurances of my best wishes as usual.

Alli Ibraheem, Chief Press Secretary to Oluwo.