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France closes 70 schools again due to COVID-19 cases


France closes 70 schools again due to COVID-19 cases.

France, DitoMasso report.

Some 70 nursery and primary schools have shut down again in France after COVID-19 cases were discovered seven days after the lockdown finished.

Training Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told a radio broadcast on Monday that the people had no doubt been contaminated before coming back to class.

He included that the end of the schools demonstrated how genuinely the administration was taking the issue yet that the cases won’t influence the choice to push ahead with a dynamic reviving of schools as supported by the legislature under President Emmanuel Macron.

”The outcomes of not going to class are significantly more genuine,” he said.(DitoMasso).


Coronavirus Poem By Ibraheem Alli


– Just like fatal inflammables
– Rocking without boundary
– Unrest the restive strength
– Visitor without license
– Destroyer of human shadow
-Friend of no one
-Master of the super-powers
– Emissary of social distancing
– Tormentor of human race

– The authority of the world authors
– It devalues luxuries
– Crushes materials
– Instructs billionaires
– Commander of world economy
– Refuses libations
– Stoning smiling for tear
– The wicked visitor

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