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Exchangers and Merchants of Inksnation

exchangers and merchants

There is a difference between member, exchangers and merchant of Inksnation.

To become a member, we already know the procedure.


An Exchanger is a person or someone whose his/her activities or business is mainly to exchange the money and wealth of one country for that of another country.

Since Inksnation is a digital country, Inksnation Exchanger is therefore someone who is a member of Inksnation, who signs a contract with Inksnation to represent the face of its native currency and is willing to accept Pinkoin as MONEY and part with his/her cash in exchange for the approved 30% or 40% exchange commission.

It therefore follows that any citizen of Inksnation (every Ink) who can part with CASH in exchange for Pinkoin is an Exchanger.

However, there are officially registered Exchangers and there are freelance exchangers. Only the Officially registered Exchangers will be displayed on Inksnation Website.

The Official Exchangers are also of two categories:

1. Online Exchangers: (Those who operate strictly online without a physical Office).

2. Offline Exchangers: (Those with physical office address where people can visit and conduct Inknantion business).
An offline Exchanger can also double as online exchanger.


The word ‘merchant’ can be used in a very general term to describe anyone or company that is selling goods or services.

So, just like an exchanger, the merchant too will pick up a merchant enrollment form, fill it and submit before he or she is registered as Inksnation merchant.
A merchant will operate through a special wallet created for the merchants in their back-office.

So, to get back their money as a merchants, they will approach iBSmartify directly and get back 100% of their money plus a certain amount (in Pinkoin bonus) to be credited to their DRCB to encourage and motivate them to continuously accept Pinkoin in exchange for goods and services. If they are allowed to approach exchangers, they will lose 30% of their money and will not be willing to accept Pinkoin again.

A member who just register and also get enrolled as a merchant can have access to merchant wallet from August 12, but will not be able to cash out as a member until November 12, 2020.

So, the task before all states executives now is to begin to enroll, not only living nodes, but also to enroll exchangers and merchants and give them continuous training on how our system works and how to benefit immensely from partnering with Inksnation.

So there is no closing of entry to members, exchangers and merchants till the end of the world.

We are also to educate our members on Pinkoin and how it works.

Inks, Inks, Inksnation!
One United Global Family!

Yours truly,

Bro. Ink. M. A. AGBOOLA
General Secretary,
FCT, Abuja Chapter.


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