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Ep: Sans released Self Titled Ep

Sans Self Titled Ep

Ep: Sans released Self Titled Ep.


Bristol’s commotion dealers SANS are discharging their new self-titled EP by means of Breakfast Records on the 22nd May.

Sans have risen up out of Bristol’s more cutting edge scene as one of the more hard-edged at this point adaptable groups. A blend of post-punk, test clamor and no-nonsense. Their EP carries on this affection for clamor making with three tracks of unhinged guitars, non recognizable shouting and hyper splendid drums.

Lead single Aztec is one major unfriendly yell including some epic drumming. Something that stands apart on the other two tracks – ‘This feels familiar’ and ‘Flip Flop’.

A sensation that this has happened before is the champion track as I would like to think. The guitar lead work choosing the initial topic is supplanted with some awkward guitar wounds in the section followed by a wild ensemble. Just for the band to bring it done to some neurotic mechanical bass drove finishing. These folks aren’t about racket making there is imagination and veritable ability in plain view here.

Consummation with the head banger of a track ‘Flip Flop’ the band end on a unique shape shiftier of a track with astonishing multifaceted design underneath the cymbal slamming and guitar slamming.

The EP is a clamorous chaos however positively. It feels extremely 90s with the yelled vocals and modern feel. Astonishing what clamor can be produced using only three folks.

Look at lead single Aztec Drips


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