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Don’t Lock Your Heart Despite Covid-19 Damages -Oluwo

Corona virus

Rejoice, Don’t Lock Your Heart Despite Covid-19 Damages -Oluwo Admonishes Nigerians.

Rejoice: As human, we are prone to react, not only to dangers but also damages. Such is natural. But we must take caution by controlling our emotion and moderating our reactions.

The corona virus challenges are challenging. Its accidental nature makes it more threatening to human existence, worldwide. The heat of Covid is everywhere but my fatherly question is, must we allow it to lock our heart and capture our joy? No!

The world should learn from me. I’ve the artificial secret to happiness. When I wake up every morning, I reference God for the privilege, pray for more and rejoice with cool-touching lyrics. I forget challenge and move on with life. Sometimes, I throw enticing music and majestically shake my legs to match the tune.

The state of your heart is the state of your health. The choice is yours. But as a responsible father, I strongly enjoin you all to be lively irrespective. Going too much sober of predicament is synonymous with questioning the will of God on you. It is believable we react naturally to circumstances within our reach. We can’t alter the will of God. Let’s learn to resign to Him come what may. Respect His dictates and move on with life.

Pray, rejoice and enrich your heart with merriment. Corona virus is maiming. It has marked few and we pray it goes down. We must not allow it to damage us further through perennial sober reflection.

It is truly a challenge. Get up, pray, rejoice and dance away your sorrow. Every happening is never with the knowledge of God. Be closer to God, resign to him and rejoice to fight on and win more.


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