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Oluwo Wins Africa Monarch Of The Year

By Ibraheem Alli, CPS to Oluwo

Honouring the honourables always present another opportunity to motivate the distinguished. People from all walks of lives will today gather at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Alausa, Lagos, at the presentation of the prestigious award of Africa Monarch of the year on the famous monarch, the Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi.

The organizer, Africa Custodian Magazine, is a renowned outfit stimulating quality representation in culture, tradition, politics, religious and economic growths of Nigeria, Africa and the world by extension.

Oluwo, out of many of his credible credits, is a liberator, counselling the youth on productive use of their mental resources. Simply put, liberation from poverty of the mind.

His intention has always been to have a new set of ideas capable of presenting a new hope for the aspiring generation. We have seen and exhausted the strength of the old ways. We have seen its best. For the interest of the youth and the unborn generation, the onus is on us to build on the strength couple with new ideas. Unless we do this, we will be blamed for the failure and transfer same to the incoming generation.

When I checked last night, Oluwo was less than 7-year on throne. He reigns like a centennial (100years) monarch. He is a virile monarch of credit, merit and mark (CCM).

He has attracted attention to Iwo which is paying off and continuously do. Should we talk of the Federal College of Education, Fortress University, Westland University, National Library etc.

His enthronement as Oluwo empowered him to do more for humanity.

Aside this, Oluwo has successfully implemented many projects such as,

Rehabilitated federal and state roads (Iwo- Ibadan and Iwo-Osogbo roads) for the advantage of Nigerians.Repaired a federal Iwo-Ibadan road for convenience of travellers and commercial interaction between Osun and Oyo States.Constructed and renovated the Osun State High Court in Iwo to modern taste.Donated 50 pieces of laptops each to Osun State University, Osogbo and Bowen University, Iwo for the benefits of the students.Launched a special.