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12 Understudies May Wind up Having Tests in Victorian

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Victorian Year 12 Understudies May Wind up Having Tests In 2021 Because of The Coronavirus Pandemic


Due to Coronavirus Pandemic, Victorian Year 12 understudies may need to concentrate into 2021 so as to get an ATAR, Premier Daniel Andrews has uncovered.

In an interview with the Freeonemedia team, Andrews said the coronavirus pandemic has put strain on the typical secondary school plan, potentially pushing back significant dates in the year.

He said a definitive objective was to guarantee understudies get their ATAR regardless. The Victorian government is right now in converses with colleges and TAFE, remembering for different states, to suit potential elective courses of action.

Andrews’ own child, Noah, is among the understudies influenced by the vulnerability.

In Victoria, school occasions were presented to concur with the presentation of lock down limitations. During this time, the administration arranged the training framework to adapt to understudies gaining from home.

Andrews said both online classes and sending work through mail are being investigated for the coming term.

“It will be extraordinary. They’ll be a plan where a few understudies will gain from home and that is the reason it was so imperative to present the school occasions, so we can accomplish that work around internet learning.”




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